The high pitched whir of my electric coffee grinder pierces the peacefulness of my country kitchen, beginning my post-breakfast ritual. The intoxicating aroma catapults my nose hunger to the top of the hunger scale.

Hunger Scale 1 to 10 (1 = least hungry, 10 = most hungry)

 Eye  Nose  Mouth  Stomach  Cellular  Mind Heart 
 9  10  10  2  2  10  10

Coffee ritualI pour boiling water on three heaped teaspoons of ground beans in the single-cup French press. (I have a preference for the mellow blend of medium roasted beans over dark roasted.)

While that brews, in the glass frother cylinder, I heat a quarter cup of two percent milk in the microwave for one minute.  Then, with my right hand, I vigorously piston the plunger into the hot milk until I achieve a smooth foaminess. Slowly, I pour the coffee in a circular motion around the rim into the cylinder. And now for my piece de resistance, I sprinkle a teaspoon bitter-sweet grated chocolate on top.

coffee cappThis is where my mouth hunger skyrockets right up to 10, maybe even off the scale! My upper lip takes the lead with the first sip skimming a bit of chocolate and froth off the top before tasting the seriously wonderful cappuccino. My taste buds do a Java jive. Each sip is tantalizing to every cell in my mouth – roof, sides and every taste bud. My tongue gleefully swipes off the chocolaty mustache.

The delicious brew travels through my anticipating throat right down to my happy stomach. I hear myself moaning like that girl in the Herbal Essence shampoo commercial. The last drop is the best because what is left in the bottom of the cup is a fusion of coffee and melted chocolate – a veritable, velvety ecstasy on the tongue.

After it has slid down the hatch, I let out an “Ooh yah!” The tasty sensation is long-lingering even as I step out the door for my morning walk. I don’t want to break up the party in my mouth. I’ll leave the brushing of my teeth till later.


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